Concrete Contractors in Clarksburg, PA


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Concrete is robust, relatively resilient, easy to mould when wet and is a cost effective raw material for building construction. For that main reason Concrete Work Guys in Clarksburg, PA, 888-539-0008 produce the best concrete foundations, we excavate a hole for the foundation and position a frame inside the hole. Pour the concrete when still wet into this frame. The outcome is a concrete slab. We also reinforce the foundation with steel to make sure it is more resilient and can endure weight.


• Not all is well

Though concrete is extremely strong, it does have some flaws. In Clarksburg, PA damp environment such as prolonged rainy weather, water may pierce the concrete foundation, causing it to crack. This means that one has to routinely check for any evidence of damage to the concrete so that repair can be done instantly and cracks can be arrested.


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Concrete Work Guys is a residential and commercial concrete foundation company serving the Clarksburg, PA area. Skilled is resolving issues pertaining to all types of concrete foundation.

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Concrete Contractors in Clarksburg, PA

T- Shaped Concrete Foundation

The first type of concrete foundation is the T- Shaped concrete foundation. According to Concrete Work Guys this is one of the most frequently used foundation types for clients in Clarksburg, PA and is perfect when the objective is to support structures in areas where the ground is known to freeze. In normal situations, frozen ground exerts pressure on the foundation; but the T- Shaped foundation's distinctive design permits it to withstand any possible damage from frozen ground. You would usually place a section of flat footing below the expected frost line and then build the walls on top. The T-shaped foundation is celebrated not just for its resistance to the impact of freezing ground but also to its overall stability.

Slab-On-Grade Concrete Foundation

The second type of concrete foundation is the slab-on-grade foundation. Although this type of concrete foundation is also widely used, Concrete Work Guys suggests it be used in areas where the ground does not freeze; hence there is no need for the T-shaped concrete foundation. In a slab-on-grade foundation, the slab is made as a single layer of concrete. To better drainage, the slab rest on a bed of crushed gravel. We also embed a wire mesh into the concrete as this will minimize any probability of it cracking. The slab-on-grade is ideally meant for places in Clarksburg, PA, it can still be reinforced with insulation.

Frost Protected Shallow Foundation for areas in Clarksburg, PA

The third type of concrete foundation is the Frost Protected Shallow Foundation. When properly installed by Concrete Work Guys it is designed to counter the influences that would otherwise be caused by frost. This type of foundation has insulation placed on the outside of the foundation and utilizes heat loss from the building itself as well as the natural heat energy from the earth.

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